Commercial Loans

Being former commercial bankers, our advisors are well placed to assist individuals and businesses with their commercial and business lending needs.

Every single commercial product at iChoice will be evaluated by our principal, Jason Khoury (a former business banker with four major banks), to ensure it's structured efficiently.

Commercial Lending

So many get it wrong and end up with poor lending structures. Flexibility is paramount and sometimes not having your lending arrangements subject to annual reviews can literally make all the difference.

Over the last 20 years, iChoice principal Jason Khoury has previously held management roles at ABAL, St George Institutional Bank, NAB Business and Westpac Commercial, managing books of hundreds of millions. Jasons's free advisory service is embraced by small and large business alike.

Whether you seek development funding, want to borrow against your franchise, your debtors book or simply against commercial property, its smart to know what options are available prior to making any decision. Most business loans are very expensive and poorly structured.

It's quite normal for iChoice to refinance business and commercial facilities that save clients tens of thousands every year.