Industry Discounts

iChoice is accredited through the banks to offer an industry specialisation strategy to increase penetration to the people in the professional industries of the medical field, accountants, the legal profession, and mining.

Loans Specialist Industry

Accountants, finance managers, auditors and actuaries will need to meet the qualification and employment criteria, and must be registered to practise as a CA, CPA, CFA or FIAA in Australia.

  • Borrow up to 90% of the purchase price.
  • Zero Lenders Mortgage.
  • Discounted (unpublished) interest rates.
  • No cost, no obligation service.

Lawyers, solicitors and barristers must be provide a practising certificate to operate in their State or Territory.

Engineers, surveyors, mine surveyors, quantity surveyors, and geologists must evidence of membership or fellowship of the AIMS, AIQS, FAIG or AusIMM.

Besides getting a rate that would not generally be published, you could qualify to borrow up to 90% without the need to pay for LMI, for properties to the value of $2M. In addition, the 5% genuine savings rule may not apply. We are often able to refinance business debts into discounted home loans, as long as there is adequate residential security.

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