Your Next Home

Moving to a home that suits your current situation better? Upgrading should be achievable if you have some equity in your place, but there can be some confusion when it comes to finance. In short, you will probably be considering to either:

  1. Sell your place first and then buy another.
  2. Buy and sell at the same time.
  3. Try to secure your new home prior to selling your current place.

There are a few advantages and risks with each option, and you'll need to chat with someone who can help you understand your options.

Bridging loans are often misinterpreted by borrowers who commit to more complicated arrangements when they really dont have to. Securing your new home prior to selling your place obviously means you have a lot of flexibility in that you can move into the new property in your own time, and put a lick of paint on your old place before listing it for sale. However, a bridging facility may mean you are forced to sell your former home within a certain time frame.

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