iChoice Info Nights

iChoice is well known for our free Info Nights, and they come in two sizes.

  • Yearly Info Night.
  • Regular Info Night.

The yearly info night is quite large (around 240 people capacity) and is conducted in a completely non-sales environment. We present some strategies for maximum savings - usually by virtue of new products or legislation that becomes effective in the previous twelves months - and it's always completely free. We're usually joined by one or two industry representatives and we'll often have a guest speaker to break up the evening.

The other Info Night we have is more intimate, more regular, and they're generally limited to between 12 and 15 people. On these nights there's a greater opportunity for people to ask questions and engage with the speaker(s) in a more casual environment. If you're interested in attending these nights it's important that you register your interest by phone, email, or respond to our invitation email within a day or two of receiving it.

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