Nicole Graham (Property Expert)

Nicole Graham is one of Sydney's leading real estate agents. She talks about the real estate buying and selling secrets... and how she assists buyers as a Buyer Agent. Nicole worked as a Selling Agent for 17 years, and a Buyers Agent for 5. She understand how vendors think and the patters and behaviours of selling property. In this 14-minute video of our 2013 Info Night, Nicole talks about negotiating techniques, the way that various real estate agents manage different kinds of sales, and how to ensure that the buyer pays the lowest price for the property. Nicole often refers to herself as an "emotional handbrake" as she negotiates on buyers' behalf, and ensures maximum savings on a property purchase.

Nicole introduces some really clever techniques that appear rather obvious, but something that virtually no buyer does. Simply proving a written offer with a cheque and a short timeframe before moving onto another 'backup' property is something that forces a decision and ensures that the seller can't use your offer as leverage with another buyer. It's these tips and tricks that make watching this video a no-brainer.

Nicole shares her one "golden, golden rule" - the one thing you should never do. You'll have to watch it to find out what it is!

Video shot and produced by George Opadchy.