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George from Granny Flat Builders

George from "Granny Flat Builders" was a speaker at our 2013 Info Night. He talks about how you can build an affordable Granny Flat (a true small home) and yield very high rental returns. George talks about the legislation that permits the build, and what sort of build is required. He talks about the council…
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Refinancing Your Home Loan

In this video, iChoice principal Jason talks about refinancing your home loan. Why do people refinance? To get the structure of their borrowing correct to make it more efficient. Increase the borrowing limit and unlocking residential equity (remember you only pay for borrowed money that you actually use and isn't in an offset account). The…
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Home Loans and Tax Liability

In this 4-minute video iChoice principal Jason talks about lending and tax liability. It's essential viewing, particularly if you have an investment property... and it illustrates the need to have your mortgage structured efficiently for maximum savings. Jason talks about cross-collateralisation to ensure that you maximise the tax benefits from an investment. What determines the…
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