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Being a banker yourself, you might think that 90% loans are only offered to you by your existing employer, but that is now not the vase so you might like be able to be exposed to banks whose unique credit policies and valuations will serve you better.

There are many reasons why bankers prefer not to bank and lodge loan applications with their current employers which as former bankers, the management of iChoice completely understands.

Some of the benefits you may receive are as follows:

  • 90% with no LMIHome Loans for Banking Professionals
  • Special deals for you, given the ease in packaging loan applications for experienced bankers
  • Capacity can exclude your last bonus, rather than averaging the last two years’ bonuses.
  • 104% loans with a Guarantor loan (no servicing for Guarantors)
  • Simplified servicing for those who have a side business
  • Free valuations
  • Multiple offset accounts
  • Unlimited Equity Unlocking/ cash out
  • Refinance Rebates up to $5,000 or Qantas Points offerings
  • Specialised advice by iChoice credit advisors that have worked closely with professionals for over 18 years

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