000 Home Loans for Emergency Personnel

We’ll be Rolling out 000 Home Loans that Specialises Giving Right Advice to Out Emergency Personnel.

Here’s what I was talking about in the video:

Hi, it’s Jason from iChoice, based here in Sydney. We’re really excited to roll out triple zero home loans, which is going to be specializing in giving the right advice to our emergency personnel. This covers ambulance, police, fireys, and SAS. I was a firey when I was a youngster, from 17 years old to my mid-twenties, and I was an army reservist at the same time. So, I do know a lot of people in uniform. I just really feel good about rolling out a business that gives the right advice to people who spend all their days helping others.

Certain banks and lenders do offer specific discounts for you guys. They treat you differently as well when they look at your capacity to service a loan. For example, a lot of our time is overtime and certain banks will take 80% of your overtime as long as you’ve demonstrated the same in your last group certificate. So, for more than 12 months, some lenders out there will just look at your overtime for the last three months and multiply by four and take 100% of that. A lender who looks at you more favourably might be able to lend you a whole lot more money in terms of a mortgage than another bank will.

So, I know there are a couple of banks that do market towards emergency personnel. There are other lenders that can do things better than them. Some of you can even have fixed-rate loans with offset accounts, which is kind of unheard of, particularly if you have more than one loan. That can be extremely powerful in protecting yourself against rate movements. So, I’d love to talk to you more about it. I’d love to understand more about what you guys do and help you guys get ahead. At the end of the day, you spend all your days helping others and I’m really excited to roll out triple zero and remember our phone number here in Sydney is (02) 9743 0000.

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