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Quick Introductory Video on How iChoice Team Can Help First Homebuyers.

Here is what I am talking about in the video:

Hi, my name is Jason and I’m a mortgage broker here in Sydney. I actually am the managing partner of a business called iChoice. I roll a lot of instructional videos out to our broad network. And, this one is the first video, an introductory video for this website which is homeloaninformationcentere.com.au. The reason why I’ve set up a separate channel to the iChoice, or The Raw Advisor video channels that I’ll be rolling out on YouTube is that this is really out there for first home buyers.

I’m really going to start from the very beginning. It’s kind of “home loans for dummies”. And, trust me, I was very much in that position. I graduated from the University of Sydney with an economic degree but had no idea about home loans. I was a bartender, army reservist, and New South Wales firefighter for some years. Also, I rode around on my pushbike and I didn’t get my first job in a bank until I was 26 years old. I knew absolutely nothing about property, home loans. I remember in the first few months of my role in the bank, I actually had to ask the credit manager, “What does LVR stand for?” You guys probably already know that. These videos are not just going to be about home loans.

As a mortgage broking business, you probably think that we help you arrange the loan and get the best rate for you and get the best structure for you, in your lending. That’s absolutely the case. But, you know, while you’re going to find the best value in a financial advisor or mortgage broker, you also get advice about everything else. Like, how do you avoid LMI? What is the family pledge all about? And, what kind of property should you be looking for? I’m going to go down into terminology. What is a mortgage? What is an asset? Or, a deposit? And, what do they mean when they say “funds to complete”?

I’m going to start from the beginning and walk you through it. Now, if you want to go onto therawadvisor.com.au or some of the videos on iChoice, you’re going to see what I present to medical professionals. I don’t want them blended again. This is because how I’m going to explain things to you is probably different from how I’m going to explain them to a business owner. If you want to jump on there and start getting ready for some of the juicy stuff, division 7A, discretionary trusts, unit trusts, self-managed super funds, how commercial properties can be transferred into self-managed super funds, a whole bunch of things about land tax, capital gains tax and how to best structure your financial affairs, by all means, jump on therawadvisor.com.au or iChoice, which is the entire business.

But, here, I’m going to start with a video “What is a mortgage”? And, what are the first things you need to be thinking about? I’d love it if you subscribe to this channel, the home loan information centre. Obviously, these videos are going to put the name of our business iChoice out there, but I’m saying these things as a guy who’s turning 50 years old who knew nothing about all this stuff while I was 26 or 27. It will be my pleasure to put all of this out there. So, happy watching and keep cool, talk to you soon!