How to Find the True Value Of A House?

Get the True Value of a House Your Planning to Purchase!

Seriously guys now may just be the time to buy! Housing in Sydney and Melbourne have decreased in value as people nervously watch as interest rates are rising. It creates hesitancy in some buyers and less of a bidding war, so if you are in the market for a new home or an investment many properties will be lower in price than they were 2 months ago! Check out my tips to find out if there may be any issues with the house or the street!!

Watch the video we will explain the best tips at the end so you get the best out of your new property.

If you are looking to buy, make sure you not only have the best rate, ( this will save you hundreds every month) But also make sure your finances are set up with a sound structure. This is something we do a little bit differently at iChoice, We are not your average brokers, we want to know every client who walks through our door is set up in the best way possible!! We are based in Sydney ut service customers Australia-wide and many overseas also.

Give us a call today and book in a free appointment either alone or in person, whatever works best for you!! (02) 974 0000 We have also set up an NZ branch of iChoice, we are super excited to bring a fresh perspective to our southern neighbours!!